Summer 2011 Sage Creek Newsletter

Photo by Liya Zhang, Tansi Lane Resident, Sage Creek

Commercial Development

We are pleased to announce that Royal Bank has committed to opening a branch in Phase One of our retail area just south of Sage Creek Boulevard, near Lagimodiere. Negotiations are also taking place with a coffee shop and a gas provider and preliminary discussions are underway with grocery and drug stores. Watch for more developments in the near future.

Daycare and Schools

This spring has seen a great amount of positive coverage in the media regarding a school and daycare in Sage Creek. However nothing is on paper yet as to School Division commitments to the available site. For more information contact the Louis Riel School Division at

Southdale Community Centre

As you may be aware, Southdale Community Center is nearing completion of the first phase of their expansion program. This phase includes a new indoor hockey rink, an indoor pleasure rink, as well as other ancillary facilities.

It has been confirmed that Sage Creek falls within the catchment area of the Southdale club and the board welcomes the participation of Sage Creek residents. Qualico Communities has committed $300,000 to the expansion of the Southdale facility on behalf of Sage Creek residents. Visitors this fall will have the opportunity to go for a casual skate on the Sage Creek Leisure Ice, the first indoor leisure rink in Manitoba. The Southdale supercenter is located on Lakewood Boulevard just north of Bishop Grandin.
Check for information on soccer, baseball and basketball teams for the kids this summer. In addition to this, there are summer camps running July 4th to September 2nd and Keane Hockey’s Summer Day Hockey Camp running August 8th to 12th.

New Firehall

Construction for Station 27 – the new firehall at the entrance of Sage Creek – began mid-July and is targeted for completion near Christmas 2011. The hall will house 38 firefighters, serving Sage Creek and the southeast area of the city, significantly improving response times to the area.


Crews are hard at work completing the trails and surrounding landscaping throughout Sage Creek, packing layers of limestone, adding culverts and rest areas, improving drainage, planting shrubbery and maintaining the existing trails.

Completion for Phase One is set for the end of July. Phase Two trails, targeted for completion in late September will include a new monument placed on the trail between Blue Sun Drive and Red Lily Road.

Phase Three, which extends from the Hydro Corridor east of Blvd de Hivernants out to Bishop Grandin, is expected to be finished by August 5th. The trails in the Hydro Corridor are nearly complete, awaiting approval from the City for a public crossing at Sage Creek Boulevard. We look forward to beginning construction of the trails of Phase Five in spring 2012.

Upon completion, the trails of Sage Creek will comprise over 10 km. Coming soon will be a map of the trails and their distances on

Developer Installed Fencing

Developer installed fencing is generally built upon completion of the final lot grading for all homes on a street.

Wood perimeter fencing for Phases One and Two is finished. Back lane and ornamental fencing is underway and will be completed as home construction progresses. We hope to see its completion by the end of this building season.

Traffic Lights

We expect to see traffic lights installed at Warde and Lagimodiere late this Fall. This will serve to break up Northbound traffic along Lagimodiere, making it easier to make left turns at Sage Creek Boulevard and Lagimodiere.


Plans for development of the park site north of Sage Creek Blvd are being reviewed by the City following discussions with the School Board and residents. We hope to commence grading this fall, watch for more news in the near future.

Sage Creek Continues to Grow

Construction crews are hard at work all over the community. We have services already underway for Phase Five and we recently had the bylaw approved by City Council for Phase Six.

We have established a code of conduct with the builders in Sage Creek. It asks the trades to be courteous to all residents, respect and always ensure access to homeowner’s driveways and boulevards, to obtain permission for power and water use, and to control debris/garbage on their job sites. Please let us know if you have any problems with workers in your neighbourhood.

With the ongoing strength of activity we are experiencing here at Sage Creek, we want to make sure that we are meeting all of the expectations of our residents, so if there is an issue that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at

Residents Association

If you haven’t already, make sure to register online to become a member of the Sage Creek Residents Association. This can be found by clicking on the “Residents Only” link at the bottom of the homepage.

Contact us at

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